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With 100webspace.com you can set up and manage your own site, with its own design and unique name, and the included free Elefante Scripts Installer tool will help set up your own blog site, photo album, or forum, fast and without any advanced technical skills.


Free phpBB Hosting

FreeHostia's free web hosting plan is optimized for phpBB3 and phpBB2 and you can get phpBB pre-installed with your free web hosting plan from FreeHostia for free.


Free XOOPS Hosting

One of the many content management systems that you can choose from today is XOOPS. It is a free open-source web application based on PHP, which you can host free with FreeHostia. FreeHostia's free web hosting plan is optimized for XOOPS and installing XOOPS at FreeHostia is as easy as it could be.


Free FTP Hosting

With FreeHostia you also get an online File Manager, which you can use to upload a .zip of your entire website at once. With the online file manager integrated within your free web hosting control panel you can also modify files, edit, rename, move, copy, etc.


Excellent Free Hosting Provider

With the Chocolate web hosting package - FreeHostia.com's free domain web hosting, you are allowed host up to 5 domains free of charge.


Absolutely Free Hosting

FreeHostia offers free domain hosting with PHP and MySQL and a long list of additional features. If you are trying to find a free web hosting provider, which offers many features and has good uptime, you should definitely choose FreeHostia.com.